Hautes Chaumes Jasseries 8898Hautes Chaumes Jasseries 8898
©Jasserie, Hautes-Chaumes|David Frobert

Wind soles in the valleys

April, with its first gentle rays of sunshine and still crisp air, sounds like a call to walk. It’s time to jump into our shoes and see what’s out there to be discovered. To kick off this hiking season, we’ve come up with three itineraries to delight your eyes. A treasure trove of natural heritage to discover on foot.

The Jasseries peddler's hike 

From the Col des Supeyres, follow in the footsteps of the old-time peddler. Follow the paths from jasserie to jasserie, in the heart of the vast Hautes-Chaumes landscape, where heather heath dominates. In the distance, thatched roofs mark the long summer dwellings. From these unobstructed heights, you can take in the view of the Ance valley and the Auvergne mountains. Panoramic views!

The Fossat valley on foot

Nestled beneath the rugged Forez ridges, this magnificent glacial valley can be explored along the Vertolaye stream. The granite chaos along the valley floor bears witness to the work of time and water. The lively Le Fossat valley is also home to a wealth of flora and fauna in its steep woods. With its typical U-shape, it provides a welcome sense of isolation.

Hiking in the Madet valley

A fairytale atmosphere hovers beneath the foliage of the Madet valley. On this hike, you’ll encounter a gurgling brook, undergrowth bathed in spring light and flowering meadows. It doesn’t take much for the imagination to wander. And once you’ve reached the top of the Butte de Méraille, take your time and look around: castles and mountains come into view, taking you beyond the Limagne plain.

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