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Three snow activities in Livradois-Forez

The weather forecast calls for snow on the peaks, and you don’t feel like spending the weekend behind the window watching the flakes? If skiing isn’t your thing, we suggest you explore a few other possibilities.

1. Snowkiting on the Hautes-Chaumes Full of sensations

The snowkite is the free snowboarder’s friend. With it, there’s no need for pistes, and no need for steep slopes either. Snowboard on your feet, harnessed to the sail (a large kite), you can take full advantage of virgin snow and a clear horizon. It’s all about gliding smoothly and mastering the wind. But the adrenalin kicks in as soon as you let go. The best riders can reach speeds of over 70km/h and make long-distance jumps.

In Livradois-Forez, snowkiting is practised on the Hautes-Chaumes. On these bare plateaus, where the view embraces the Chaîne des Puys to the west and the Alps to the east, the wind is unfettered. An ideal spot to take out the sail. For those who have never sailed before, you’ll need to take a few lessons. Progress will be faster (and safer) than going solo.

The Col des Supeyres has become one of France’s major snowkiting sites, and is the perfect place for a session in an exceptional landscape. And it’s free! Just a few steps away, the Chalet des Gentianes offers a gîte d’étape where you can eat and rest. You can walk straight to the spot and practice at your own pace, or depending on the weather conditions.

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2. With sled dogs Full of emotion

For those who dream of great Nordic sensations, a sleigh ride is a must. Whether you opt for a simple introduction or a real ride, you’ll come face-to-face with these fascinating huskies or malamutes, and discover the Livradois-Forez region in a whole new way.

Playing the role of musher (the dog team driver), even for just an hour, is an unforgettable experience of sharing with the animals. The breath of the dogs, the sound of the wind, wide expanses of black fir trees and, under the sled, the snow as it glides by… All the impressions of an authentic tobogganing activity are brought together. Gently, away from the crowds of Nordic skiing, you can fully immerse yourself in the nature of the Livradois-Forez.

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3. Snowshoe trekking A full... view

Snowshoeing is still the best way to explore the Livradois-Forez countryside in winter, without leaving anyone at home. Snowshoeing is a sport that’s accessible to all, and doesn’t require you to be an athlete. No trailer-grade cardio, no thighs cast in steel. Even an average walker can keep up with the pace. At the price of bearable effort, snowshoeing lets you immerse yourself in the silent scenery of winter. In front of you, the vast spaces of the Hautes-Chaumes, or the tranquility of the woods covered in a blanket of white, a few creaks in the distance, a bird call, and the soft sound of powder underfoot. At your own pace, you can appreciate the beauty of a sleeping land. Don’t hesitate to call on theÀ pas de Lynx guides!

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