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Three equestrian activities in Livradois-Forez

Equestrian activities are always a big hit with children and adults alike, providing a lively outdoor adventure to occupy the weekend or vacation. In the Livradois-Forez region, we offer a range of horse-led experiences to help you unwind and awaken your senses.

1. Rediscover nature on horseback

Between valleys and ridges, the beautiful landscapes of the Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park are revealed on horseback. By getting up high on your horse, you’ll gain a different perspective on the world around you. Horseback riding is an effortless way to get around. It’s a gentle way to get to know nature as never before, in complete freedom.

Never monotonous, the horse-riding trails in Livradois-Forez are astonishing in their variety of natural environments. Between alluvial and mountain forests, volcanic buttes, the glacial valley of Le Fossat, peat bogs, the high moors of the Hautes-Chaumes du Forez… you’re in for a real treat.

Horse-riding is one of the many equestrian activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It’s also an original way for children to discover their environment. Come and clear your head, discover the Monts du Forez and all its nooks and crannies on horseback, whatever your level, at the Entre Ciel et Terre equestrian center.

To take this fusional experience with the animal and the natural environment a step further, we offer multi-day trail rides, enabling you to live out your passion for horses in magnificent surroundings.

2. Breath the dolce vita in a horse-drawn carriage

All by car! In the Livradois-Forez region, you can experiment with different ways of getting around and discovering new things, for a real change from the daily grind . Comfortably seated, the ride takes on the feel of a relaxing journey at a leisurely pace. For a romantic visit or a moment shared with the whole family, a horse-drawn carriage is nevertheless a less tiring alternative to walking or cycling. It allows you to discover so many treasures at a gentle, leisurely pace.

Whether it’s for an hour or a day, our service providers, passionate about their animals, will take you on an intimate tour of the Livradois-Forez countryside and villages, to the sound of the carriage’s hooves.

3. Growing up with the joys of pony trekking

Riding is accessible from the age of 3. More precisely, at this age, the pony’s small size is better suited to learning. Even so, children aren’t frightened by the size of horses. On the contrary, the horse’s imposing yet reassuring presence quickly establishes a relationship of trust with young riders. This creates a strong bond of complicity.

The equestrian centers of Livradois-Forez also offer introductory and advanced riding courses . Just for kids! The equestrian facilities and their professionals welcome beginners and experienced riders alike for a gentle learning experience. It’s a safe way for children to discover theequestrian world and gain self-confidence, from the riding arena to nature rides.

More than just a leisure activity or sport, discovering riding with ponies is a great school for life! In contact with the animal, children form bonds and develop a sense of responsibility by taking care of their mount, as well as taking part in the collective life of the equestrian center.

Gallop or walk, experienced rider or novice, horse enthusiast or just curious to discover them? Let yourself be carried away by equestrian activities during your stay in Livradois-Forez!

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