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La pachade the Auvergne snack that goes with the body

The Auvergne snack that keeps you going

Candlemas is approaching at the beginning of February. And with it, the desire for comforting snacks. The children played in the garden this afternoon. Snuggled up in a blanket by the fire, you’ve been devouring that book. Or after a hard day’s work outdoors, you’re hungry! Well, we’ve got just the thing to soothe those hungry tummies: pachade. A kind of large pancake with a debonair appearance that promises to keep you going. A simple, easy-to-make recipe from the Auvergne region of France. We’ve added a sweetened version to match the traditional Chandeleur season. And what’s more, it’s colored with blueberries from the Hautes-Chaumes du Forez region. You’re sure to skip dinner tonight.

The Patia recipe with Livradois-Forez blueberries

Pachade is a thick pancake with crispy edges that can be topped with sweet (fruit) or savory (cheese, local ham) ingredients. Originating in the heart of the Auvergne region, the recipe made its way around the countryside, simply and unobtrusively. It was traditionally eaten for breakfast in the morning. Indeed, at the breakfast table, hearty and often salty dishes were served: they gave the body the strength it needed to start the day on the right foot. In summer, when farmers were working in the fields, pachade served as a snack.

List of ingredients

-4 eggs
-200 grams flour
-100 grams sugar
-1 liter milk
-1 pinch of salt
-250 grams blueberries and 75 grams sugar

Step 1:

  • In a large pastry bowl known as a "cul de poule", mix the eggs, flour and sugar, then carefully whisk in the milk.
    During this stage, a small hand
    can help you to make it easier.
    Then add a pinch of salt.
    Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours. You can also prepare it the day before.
    Take the dough out and whip it to wake it up.

Step 2:

  • In your favorite frying pan, pour a little oil, but not too much.
    Then add half the dough and watch it brown gently, before turning it over with a spatula as it begins to solidify.
    Repeat the operation with the remaining dough when the first pachade is ready.
    That is, when it's golden, cooked and appetizing.

Step 3:

  • Finally, as a finishing touch, cover one of the baked pachades with a mixture of Forez blueberries and sugar, before topping it with the second pachade.

    Enjoy warm, with friends and family, or with your cuddly cat on your lap. In conclusion: try a savoury version of this recipe next time?

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