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Protecting water as a resource

Streams, rivers and lakes run through this Auvergne Regional Nature Park, a varied network of waterways in the Livradois-Forez region. The Dore, the Allier’s main right-bank tributary, flows for 138 kilometers through its heart. Born in the high plateaus of the Livradois mountains, its watershed is almost entirely located in the Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park. It is also at the head of the Loire-Bretagne watershed. A good route for this Livradois water, which flows into the Allier and then the Loire. And such a precious resource to preserve.

From the streams of the Livradois mountains to Brittany's rivers

What is a Green and Blue Framework?

The last few decades have seen a definite and irreversible decline in biodiversity. It is vital to protect natural terrestrial and aquatic environments, and to re-establish the links between them. Together, these biodiversity reservoirs and their connections form the ecological network of the Livradois-Forez Trame Verte (terrestrial environments) and Trame Bleue (aquatic environments).

SAGE de la Dore, for good water management

The Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park manages the Schéma d’Aménagement et de Gestion des Eaux de la Dore. Its aim is to restore the waters of the Livradois-Forez. It also aims to preserve the park’s aquatic environments: wetlands, remarkable springs, a network of peat bogs, wooded rivers, oxbows and wild ponds.

Examples of actions to preserve watercourses

The Park team

An in-house team takes care of the watercourses. The team works to reduce the number of coniferous trees along riverbanks, to channel cattle rearing close to the banks, and in general: to restore ecological continuity for the smooth flow of water. As far as we’re concerned, you’ll also be familiar with the little things we do on a daily basis: filling up household appliances before starting a program, picking up litter, taking a shower instead of a bath, complying with prefectoral by-laws, and not building a swimming pool.

Livradois-Forez water

The Livradois-Forez peat bogs in the Hautes-Chaumes du Forez. A fragile and complex peat ecosystem, home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Bec de la Dore remains a sensitive natural area off-limits to the public. The river course of the Dore has been naturally modified. In fact, the confluence of the Dore and the Allier has changed radically at Ris in the summer of 2021. The new profile will be more attractive to migratory fish such as salmon, making it easier for them to make their way upstream.

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