Valley Du Madet 2013 K Schneider X 4
©K Schneider

Ghislaine and the riches of the Madet valley

The Livradois-Forez region is criss-crossed by over 2,500 km of signposted trails, with something for everyone. In the Madet valley, you’ll travel to the heart of the Livradois-Forez, discovering its flora and fauna.

Blogger Ghislaine from Magicorangeplasticbird takes a look back at her hike in the Madet valley. She was well escorted that day by mosquitoes.

An extract from the Madet valley to discover on the blog:

“Forest, water, humidity close to 100% with the mosquitoes that go with it, a few castles on the horizon – this is what awaits you on this short 8 km hike near Égliseneuve-près-Billom in the Livradois-Forez region. The weather was miserable. And yet it’s July. But it’s green. To say the least.

“It’s a pretty wild hike, with one major difficulty, which is not unconnected with the day’s weather: the interminable log steps you have to take to descend into the valley, which are particularly treacherous, slippery as wet soap on a steep slope. Zouiiiip! Another little nuisance to mention is that the Madet environment is extremely humid, like a tropical jungle, so it’s nice, there’s moss everywhere covering everything like in “Le château dans le ciel”, but I came out of there with a few good mosquito bites. Bzzzz!”

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